I have 3 years worked in NGO since I was in college as a project officer/outreach worker/case manager on HIV/AIDS prevention program in injecting drug users and work place. From those experiences, I have gain my instinct, report and writing skills and also my sharp correction of the criminal justice system in Indonesia which was discriminative to drug users. I also learn how a criminal career, drug dealer, was learned and that was the subject of my thesis on my undergraduate degree in Criminology. This HIV/AIDS issue and facts was surprised me, I faced so many case where people was transmitted or even a baby who transmitted by his father. It makes me stronger and sharper to catch the humanity issues around me.

The things that I appreciated my self was the brave and humble motion that I had so injecting drug users, drug dealers and the gang was accept me as their buddies, so that my outreach work was went smooth and effective.

In work place, I also succeed to approach the big five oil company in Indonesia to conduct the HIV Prevention programs.

My experience at Telco company was open my wider mind how the system managed the company, such as ISO Quality and Environmental. How company could participate to reduce the global warming by implementing Environmental Management System and how GCG is only nice on paper but not easy to implement.

The last two experiences in multinational company was strengthen my ability to collaborate with other affiliate worldwide, coordinate and manage the works with the multicultural team member in a tight schedule and in prudence survey and inspection reports. Although my position was sales and marketing, I also did the operation job like reporting, managing existing works and coordinate between the clients and the worker beside deal and negotiate with the clients. I really enjoy and feel blessed with my various career, thus, I have a huge experience to overcome the next challenge in my career.